“Your Brave New Story” – Promo Video

An advertisement piece for an upcoming workshop event.

“Navigating New York” – The GPS Girl

Web series video editing sample.

“Back in the World (of Warcraft)” – Space Bards

Music Video Sample. Filmed, Edited, Special FX.

Life Coaching Promo Video

An introduction piece for Judith Johnson of Huffington Post. Filmed, edited.

Book Trailer

“Be Brave”

A curiosity-building video for an upcoming writer’s workshop.

Music Video Sample

Shot, directed, edited.

“Nature Walkabout”

A compilation of nature shots.

“The Return of Lord British” Music Video

Song/Video put together for a fan contest.

“The Hobbit Rap Up” Movie Review

News-like edit for a movie rap review by Dan Span.

The Gallstone

This medieval comedy follows the story of a young loser who is left with no other choice than to be dragged on an epic journey of self-discovery.

Roles: Directing, Writing, Acting, Editing
IMDb Page


After curiously waking up in the middle of a street, a newly set of forced visions and dreams reveal to a man the true nature of his own reality.

Roles: Directing, Writing, Editing, Cinematography
IMDb Page

“The Visit”

Short mind-bender I acted in with Dan Span

Interview with Hello Goodbye (MTV)

A TV spot I did interviewing the band Hello-Goodbye for MTV’s Gamer’s Week

My Wonderful Life

College self portrait project with a sick comedic twist.

Roles: Directing, Writing, Acting, Editing

Do Fairytales Come True?

A realistic parody of what might happen after Beauty marries the Beast.

Roles: Directing, Writing, Editing